Nomanini presents at ScaleConf 2013

Nomanini CTO, Dale Humby presented at this year's ScaleConf speaking on the topic "Scaling and Reliable Deployment of Hardware, Firmware and Software into the complex African micro-entrepreneurial market."

Held in Cape Town, South Africa from 18-19 April 2013, ScaleConf is a two-day conference that brings together local and international experts to share their ideas on the challenges faced by companies and individuals building and running services on the internet today.

Under the theme "Built to Scale", SCALECONF 2013 presentations covered the culture and methodologies used to architect and develop strong foundations required to operate websites and services.

Dale was joined by a combination of African and international speakers with representatives from Facebook, Amazon and Etsy, among others, bringing a diversity of experience and perspective to the stage.

Nomanini, a Cape Town based startup that has developed a low cost, mobile point-of-sale terminal and the technology ecosystem for it to operate in informal markets.

'Our target market, mostly micro-entrepreneurs, rely on our solution for their livelihood. Therefore we has to surmount the difficulties of building a scalable, repeatedly deliverable hardware, firmware and back-end software solution capable of processing millions of financial transactions in the technically difficult African environment,' says Humby. 

His talk discussed these challenges and reflected on solutions, lessons learned and future improvements.

About Nomanini

As the pioneering fintech platform for the informal retail ecosystem, Nomanini connects merchants and distributors to each other and global service providers, integrating payments, working capital, and data analytics to unlock the latent potential of Africa’s economy.

Nomanini turns any mobile device into a retail point-of-sale solution for informal merchants that is connected to an interoperable merchant wallet. The interoperable merchant wallet allows merchants to offer a broad range of digital banking (including cash-in/cash-out), mobile, utility and entertainment services to their customers boosting competitiveness. In turn, digital service providers rapidly increase the scale and reach of their offerings. By generating real-time insights based on transaction data, distributors using the platform gain a single view of their merchant network, ensuring inventory is where it is needed most to improve sales. Distributors can also begin to accept payments for goods electronically, eliminating the risk and inefficiency of collecting cash. With data analytics, Nomanini helps extend working capital loans to merchants via distributors allowing them to invest in inventory to grow their businesses. The increased volume of goods and services set against reduced operational friction increases the profits for all platform participants.

Nomanini was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in South Africa.

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